Postdoc Research Associate

Open date for accepting applications: October 19, 2018
The position is open until filled.

Detailed job description: The postdoctoral associate will serve on several projects for automotive user interfaces in manual and autonomous vehicles. The projects include (1) driver state estimation and intervention, (2) in-vehicle multimodal interactions (gestures, sonification, tactile/haptic feedback), (3) takeover-requests in semi-autonomous vehicles, (4) novel HMI and infotainment design in autonomous vehicles, etc. These projects are being conducted with various institutes in the international consortium and/or with the support from federal agencies and industry partners.

The postdoctoral associate will assist with interactive system design and development, experimental design, data collection and analysis, and human behavior modeling. The individual will also be responsible for writing grant documents, including progress reports and publications. Depending on the interests and capabilities, the individual can also have opportunities for participating in the cutting-edge Human-Robot Interaction projects and the Immersive Virtual Environment projects conducted in the Mind Music Machine Lab, the Center for HCI, and the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech.

Duties Description
10% Literature review and conduct user research (e.g., surveys, interviews, lab studies, and other methods).
20% Design, prototype, and build the interactive interfaces.
15% Design and prepare for experiments with driving simulators and neuroergonomic devices and sensors (fNIRS, ECG, Eye-tracker, etc.), conduct experiments, and collect data.
20% Conduct qualitative analysis and statistical analysis and make computational models which will require significant mathematical modeling and/or programming.
25% Write reports, publications, and presentations in collaboration with a larger team of faculty, staff, and researchers. Manage and supervise a team of PhD and Master’s students.
10% Duties as assigned.

Qualifications: PhD in Human Factors or Human-Computer Interaction from Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Psychology, or similar field.

Preferred Experiences: driving or audio relevant H/F or HCI research, interface/interaction design, programming/prototyping, mathematical/computational behavior modeling, journal publications or competitive conference publications (CHI, AutoUI, etc.), leading/working in a team, mentoring grad/undergrad students, etc.

Location: The job is available at Virginia Tech, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, at the Blacksburg campus. The researcher will work under the supervision of Professor Jeon at Virginia Tech.

Starting date and Duration: Early 2019. The earlier, the better. This position is for the 1-year (12 months) appointment, but there is a possibility to be extended.

Salary: To be commensurate with qualifications.

If you are interested, please email your full CV to Dr. Myounghoon Jeon (Philart), myounghoonjeon[at]vt.edu as soon as possible.
The CV should include contact information of at least, two references. Letters of reference will only be solicited for finalists. You can see more of the lab research and activities, here: ise.vt.edu/philart

Graduate Researchers & Students

For graduate studies in the tri-M Lab, you can apply for the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (MS and PhD) at VT. If you have any questions about our lab or graduate program, feel free to contact Dr. Jeon. You can also learn more about the graduate program here.

We are actively recruiting PhD students for 2019 Fall and Postdoc for 2019 Spring. If you're interested in HCI, HRI, Auditory Displays and Sonification, Automotive User Interfaces, Affective Computing, Assisstive Technologies, or Aesthetic Computing, just contact Dr. Jeon.

Undergraduate Research Assistants (RA)

We have several openings for undergraduate research assistants (RA). RAs are restricted to Virginia Tech students who can earn graded course credits toward major requirements. They can learn how to conduct Human Factors/Human-Computer Interaction research with cutting edge technologies. After working more than one semester, students can have an opportunity to get involved in writing a scientific paper, which is the most valuable experience to go to the graduate school. Students preparing for graduate programs in Engineering Psychology, HCI, Human Factors, Human-Centered Computing, or Interaction Design are especially encouraged to apply. Please email Prof. Jeon or drop by his office at 519D Whittemore Hall.

Visiting Scientists & Student Internships

If you are interested in visiting our lab for collaboration or sabbatical, or if you are an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at other universities and want short-term visit or internship, please contact Dr. Jeon.