Postdoctoral Research Associates

(Updated on January 31, 2020) The Mind Music Machine Lab at Virginia Tech is looking for creative and enthusiastic postdoctoral research associate(s). You will conduct research on Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction with a focus on Sound and Emotion.

The lab’s research application domains include Automotive User Interfaces in manual and automated vehicles, Assistive Robotics for children with disabilities and STEAM education, and Aesthetic Computing for performing arts in the immersive environment.

Your activities include interactive system design and development, experimental design, data analysis, and human behavior modeling. You will also help out writing grant proposals, progress reports, and publications. You will be expected and encouraged to actively participate in various conferences, by hosting the workshop, as well as serving as a committee member and chair. You will lead the various projects by working with around 10 graduate students and 20 undergraduate students from different backgrounds in the Lab. The work allocation will be flexible depending on your interests and capabilities, and more opportunities are always open in many different research areas with the cutting-edge technologies and resources.

There will be a plenty of experiences to work with governmental agencies and industry partners, as well as a number of international collaborators from all over the world. Projects are often conducted in collaboration with the Center for HCI and ICAT (Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology) at Virginia Tech.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking

• Degrees in one or more of these areas: Computer Science (HCI), Human Factors, Engineering Psychology, Music Technology, or Media Art

• Research interests in one or more of these areas: Sound and Music Computing, Affective Computing, Robotics, Driving, Assistive Technologies, Computational/Mathematical Behavior Modeling, Machine Learning in Arts, or Neuroergonomics (e.g., fNIRS, EEG, ECG)

• Good publication record in journals or conference proceedings in CHI, NIME, ACII, AutoUI, or HRI

• Experiences in interface/interaction design, programming/prototyping, leading/working in a team, mentoring grad/undergrad students, etc.

Location and Supervision: The job is available at Virginia Tech, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Blacksburg campus. You will closely work with Professor Jeon (Philart) at Virginia Tech.

Starting date and Duration: Immediately. The earlier, the better. This position is for the 1 year (12 months) contract, but there is a possibility to be extended depending on the performance and circumstances.

If you are interested in this position, please email your CV to myounghoonjeon@vt.edu as soon as possible. The review will be done immediately, and the call will be opened for any positions that remain open. Once the applicant is in a short list, at least, two reference letters will be requested and the Skype interview will follow.

You can see more information on the lab: Mind Music Machine Lab. If you have any questions about the position, email Dr. Jeon: myounghoonjeon@vt.edu.

Graduate Researchers & Students

For graduate studies in the tri-M Lab, you can apply for the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering or the Department of Computer Science (MS and PhD) at Virginia Tech. If you have any questions about our lab or graduate program, feel free to contact Dr. Jeon. You can also learn more about the graduate program here. Please note that I'm not recruiting any more students at Michigan Tech. Questions about the position at Michigan Tech will NOT be answered.

Undergraduate Research Assistants (RA)

We have several openings for undergraduate research assistants (RA). RAs are restricted to Virginia Tech students who can earn graded course credits toward major requirements. They can learn how to conduct Human Factors/Human-Computer Interaction research with cutting edge technologies. After working more than one semester, students can have an opportunity to get involved in writing a scientific paper, which is the most valuable experience to go to the graduate school. Students preparing for graduate programs in Engineering Psychology, HCI, Human Factors, Human-Centered Computing, or Interaction Design are especially encouraged to apply. Please email Prof. Jeon or drop by his office at 519D Whittemore Hall.

Visiting Scientists & Student Internships

If you are interested in visiting our lab for collaboration or sabbatical, or if you are an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at other universities and want short-term visit or internship, please contact Dr. Jeon.