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Steven Landry

Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors, PhD


Steven is a PhD student from Baton Rouge, LA. He has backgrounds in special education and music. Before becoming a student of Dr. Philart, he volunteered at Dr. Becks Visual Cognition Lab at Louisiana State University which focused on visual attention. His research interests include the application of music and sound to improve the usability of gadgets, driving research, and special needs accessibility. He is working on the immersive Interactive Sonification Platform (iISoP) project, the Auditory Warning Design Project for grade crossings, and the Brain-Computer Interfaces Project using an EEG device. His research proposal on auditory display design for medical alarms has been selected for Doctoral Colloquium (Think Tank) at ICAD 2014 Conference. His research proposal on a dancer sonification system has also been selected for Doctoral Colloquium (Think Tank) at ICAD 2015.