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Dr. Myounghoon "Philart" Jeon

Cognitive Science & Computer Science


Dr. Jeon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences and the Department of Computer Science at Michigan Tech and founding director of the Mind Music Machine Lab. He also serves as a director of the Center for Human-Centered Computing at the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC). He is also actively working at Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI). His research areas include HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) and HRI (Human-Robot Interaction), with a focus on Sound and Music Computing, Affective Computing, Accessible Computing, and Aesthetic Computing. His research has yielded more than 200 publications across top journals and conference proceedings. His research has been supported by NIH (National Institutes of Health), NSF (National Science Foundation), DOT (Department of Transportation), FRA (Federal Railroad Administration), Equos Research Co.,Ltd., Hyundai Motors Company, KATRI (Korea Automobile Testing and Research Institute), MTTI (Michigan Tech Transportation Institute), ICC (Institute of Computing and Cybersystems), etc. He serves as an Associate Editor of International Journal of Human-Computer Studies and Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, Senior Editor of Ergonomics in Design and Board Member of ICAD (International Community for Auditory Display). Currently, he is editing a special issue on Performing Arts in VR in Presence and another special issue on Sonic Information Design in Ergonomics in Design. He has recently published a handbook, "Emotions and Affect in Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction" with Elsevier. He actively works in international conferences - chairing programs and sessions, organizing workshops and tutorials, and serving as the program committee in AutomotiveUI, ICAD, HFES, CHI, MobileHCI, UbiComp, IEA, PersuasiveTech, etc. He will host the 24th ICAD Conference at Michigan Tech in 2018. Dr. Jeon completed his MS and PhD degrees at Georgia Tech in Engineering Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. He also earned his MS degree in Cognitive Sciences (Cognitive Engineering) at Yonsei University in Korea and studied Film Scoring at the same university. Before returning to academia, Dr. Jeon worked for LG Electronics and Daum Communications as an HCI researcher, UX designer, and sound designer. Besides, he has led many industry projects in collaboration with General Electric, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic Automotive, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia Motors Company, Ipsos, etc. These works have been recognized by awards such as the IF Communication Design Award and the Korean Ergonomic Design Award and best papers in the flagship international conferences (ICAD, ArtsIT, HCII, HFES). He's still playing guitar and drums in his church, and teaching her daughter how to compose music, play various instruments, and code her own program. He lives in UP (Upper Peninsula), Michigan with his wife and 11 year old daughter (EunYool) whose name means "fragrant melody". * Philart means "love art".