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S. Maryam "Shabnam" FakhrHosseini

Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors, PhD


Dr. FakhrHosseini received her PhD degree in ACSHF program at Michigan Tech. In the tri-M lab, her concentration was affective computing. Her interest in emotion research is primarily split into two categories: assistive technology and driving. The assistive technology branch of her interests focuses on the therapeutic use of robots to benefit children with autism with the goal to facilitate their emotional understanding via human-robot interaction. In her other branch of emotion research, she is studying the emotional influence on driving performance and possible intervention systems that mitigate the negative effects of emotion on drivers. In this program of research, her goal is to contribute to a more complete theoretical and pragmatic understanding of discrete emotions on cognitive processes and the consequent behavior. Her PhD dissertation proposal was selected for a doctoral colloquium at AutoUI in 2016. Her research proposal on music effects on emotional driving and driver's affective state sonification was selected for Doctoral Colloquium (Think Tank) at ICAD 2014 and 2015 Conferences. She has received an ASME RTD Graduate Student Conference Scholarship for the 2015 ASME Joint Rail Conference (JRC). She is also a recipient of the Outstanding Scholarship Award from the Graduate School in 2016 Spring. After briefly workig at Boss, now Dr. FakhrHosseini is working at MIT Age Lab as a post-doc.