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Joseph Ryan


Joe is an undergraduate student in Psychology and Computer Science. He was born and raised in Midland, Michigan and have lived there his whole life. Majoring in Computer Science and Psychology, he takes a huge interest in both fields and hopes to one day work on Artificial Intelligence Research and Development. Music is his passion, and learning new instruments and pieces are what Joseph loves to do in his free time. He is working on the immersive Interactive Sonification Platform (iISoP) project and Indoor Wayfinder Design Project for the blind. During the summer of 2014, Joseph worked as a software engineer intern at Intrepid Control Systems.

Zackery Duford


Zack is an undergraduate student, currently studying Computer Science at Michigan Tech. Besides his love of computers and technology, he also enjoys composing music in his free time, trying to find new ways to bring out his ideas and emotions through sound.

David Tascarella


David is an undergraduate student, currently studying Computer Science at Michigan Tech. He is working on the driving data-based sonification project.

Samantha Verran


Samantha is an undergraduate research assistant in the lab. She works closely with Shabnam. She is currently assisting on Shabnam's dynamic automobile research. Sam is also a member of the Michigan Tech Pep Band and enjoys playing a number of instruments, most notably percussion, in her free time.

Dylan Lettinga


Dylan is a computer science undergraduate student from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dylan is interested in language and memory and works on speech recognition in Nao and Darwin.

Christina Anderson


Christina is an undergraduate student in computer science. She is currently assisting a research project on the relation between peoples' musical preferences and their emotional state.

Matthew Banka

Matthew is an undergraduate computer science student.

Elise Brehob


Elise is an undergraduate psychology major at Michigan Tech. She enjoys many musical endeavours, and primarily plays the marimba. She is currently working on the project studying effects of music on angry drivers.